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Digital Citizenship is paramount in the lives of our students today as the recent incidences of bullying attest. Most students are savvy users of social networking sites, but often lack knowledge about privacy concerns, plagiarism consequences, safety, and ethics among other subjects. The purpose of this grant is to develop master K-12 lessons for each of the topics under the strands of Safety and Ethics. Each successful applicant will be required to write a detailed lesson plan on a selected topic and then create a Common Craft video with students about it. Grantees will be awarded:

  • A netbook computer
  • Projector
  • Flashdrive
  • Flip Camera
  • 1 day of professional development on teaching digital citizenship and creating videos with students

The lessons will all be collected and put on a flash drive to be distributed citywide at the 2011 Fall Conference!

Please use this site to download the application, see lesson plan and video examples and templates/rubrics, and the wide array of resources available to help you plan and develop these essential lessons for 21st century learners.

We will offer a day of professional development to all grant recipients. See below for the agenda: